It can be argued that the real town square in any community is the local Bar, Tavern, Lounge or Pub. If you own, manage or are thinking of opening an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages we need to talk, so pull up that bar stool!

Casswood has insured urban, suburban, rural and resort bars across the nation for over 35 years. Our clients range from cocktail lounges, piano bars and private clubs to “cheers”-style taverns, biker bars and leather bars. In all cases insurance is an issue and claims happen.

The Casswood team is experienced in all the problems you might face from the obvious to those that are not. Further, the massive number of clients we work with provide us with instant knowledge of insurance programs that may be available to you. Interestingly, most “name brand” national insurance companies are not the best choice to insure bars and taverns. You have special problems which require insurance companies that have developed protection for issues you face. Further, you need a claims team that have current knowledge of the courts and laws that apply to your industry so they can properly defend a claim.

Our team of specialists has their ear to the ground and always knows which carrier within your locality would be the best in meeting your needs.

Let’s consider some of the unique business problems that you face and truly need to consider.

Some Property Issues You May Face:

The bar you have rented came with the physical bar and back bar, refrigeration and pool table all of which are lost to a fire. Your lease will not usually obligate the landlord to do more than give you back four walls.

How do you control your bar cash and how much could you lose in a holdup late if you are hit on a Monday of a 3-day holiday weekend?

You purchase your very own ATM machine and fill it with your bar cash. Someone breaks in during the night and the machine is looted or taken. Machine aside, how much could you have lost and was it covered?

You are a “cash” business and just maybe your tax returns don’t match the actual business income. Do you realize that should you close because your building is untenable due to an insured event that the “loss of income” policy you have been paying for may never pay you a dime? The claim is always settled based upon tax reported income.

Some Liability Issues You May Face:

You catch a patron selling drugs in the “john” and physically remove the individual who may not want to leave from your premises – in a light hammer lock of course. Don’t be surprised if you’re sued for “assault” by the drug dealer. Are you covered for defense and any award?

Your door person or bartender physically breaks up a fight – are you covered should you be sued for just trying to help?

You hold an “Under 21” night to attract the “Over 21” who will spend money trying to “meet” the attractive younger individuals. If the “Over 21” purchases liquor for the “Under 21” who proceed to get “legally drunk” and have a car wreck on the way home, could you be “legally” at risk?

Your upscale piano bar has a valet – do you know if he is insured?

You decide to have lap or table dancers to attract patrons. Some dancers are dancing on the wet bar, one reaches down for a tip and slips seriously hurting another patron sitting on a bar stool – covered?

Broken glass in a drink – a sharp cracked beer bottle lip? How much could that cost?

Do you understand “Assault & Battery” Coverage?

  • Some policies cover it up to your regular limits
  • Some policies provide lower amounts of protection
  • Some policies don’t exclude it and say nothing letting the court decide on coverage
  • Some policies only provide in over your general liability and not your liquor liability
  • Most policies start by excluding it altogether

You’re in New York, Chicago, San Francisco or Boston and most people don’t drive so why purchase liquor legal liability? Answer: You are not just responsible for what they may do to others but also what others may do to them when you “overserve” them. They can trip and fall, get “rolled” or walk in front of a car, bus, taxi or train! How deep are your pockets?

Let Our Years in the Business Help You Design a Program Matching Your Needs and Budget Before Things Go Wrong

We will negotiate with the right insurance companies to provide you the best insurance value.

We will help you “risk manage” business ideas that might bring in some business but increase your risk, harm your insurability and increase your insurance cost.

We provide a trained staff of experts to represent and explain insurance-speak to you in dealing with claims adjusters.

We never promise you we can save you a dime at the expense of getting you the specific coverage you require – often we will save you money, but we will always make sure you have the best possible coverage for your needs. Beware of those that will save you money by cutting corners, and therefore putting you and your business at extreme risk.

We do promise you that we will provide knowledge, choice and protection while always respecting your budget. A dime saved today is nothing when compared to an uncovered loss that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars.