Your day starts when other business people are going to bed and it ends when the world is waking up. You own, manage or are looking to start a Nightclub and Dance Bar. You’re in the business of fun, but with fun comes unique business issues and risk. Nightclub Insurance or Dance Bar Insurance problems can be like the neighborhood tavern’s problems on steroids.

Casswood Insurance Agency has been insuring nightclubs across the United States for many years. As long term members of the Hospitality Industry we go way beyond the basic knowledge that your local agent or broker can provide.
The singular most important service that we bring to your table is the knowledge of exactly which insurance company in any given year will provide the insurance program that you will require. Securing Nightclub insurance, as those in the business know, is a year-to-year event. Notoriously, the insurance company that is hot today in Nightclub coverage will most likely not be providing you with a renewal one or two years down the line. Why? They take a “hit” and just pull out of the marketplace, or they suddenly jack up your premium to an absurd degree. We at Casswood have been navigating this tricky world for decades and have our ear to ground.

We are aware of premium pricing trends within the market place and can advise and direct you to major changes before they happen. When the insurance market turns very “hard,” the premium swing for similar sales can easily increase liability coverage tens of thousands of dollars! At the same time, insurance companies add or increase your deductible/retention to $25,000 or $50,000 per claim!

You need a Nightclub Insurance knowledgeable negotiator on your side – you need to call Casswood!

Consider the Real Property Concerns You Need to Protect:

  • The cost of a wooden dance floor can be extreme. All it takes is a bad roof leak, pipe break behind a bar that goes unnoticed or a sprinkler system that is set off accidentally to cause you to replace the floor. The bigger problem is that you exist for others to dance and play. No dance floor = no dance and play = no income.
  • You lose heat in the winter in the great North East or air conditioning in the summer and your club is in the desert. Most people don’t want to dance in a snow suit or a sauna. You lose customers and income. Are you covered for on-site damage to repair the equipment and loss of income? Are you covered for damage if the power failure was off-site for loss of income?
  • Oh, the DJ Booth! At Casswood we know what they cost, we know how expensive a single automated light above the dance floor is and we definitely know how much you will spend to replace an integrated wall of LED lights or networked walls of monitors. These things are easy to “take out” – floods, fires, electric power surge, sprinkler system discharge or flying bottles. It happens.
  • On a given night, door receipts may bring in much more to you than liquor sales – how much could you lose? Is it protected on site? Is it protected on the way to the bank after a long weekend?

Consider Liability Issues You Need to Protect:

  • It’s 3am, a young lady on something a bit stronger than a beer decides she can fly down the stairs to the rest room from the top step. You find her passed out on the hard tile floor. Do you think that she will consider her action was fault and not sue? You need an experienced insurance company with top investigative service and the best legal defense team! We know who they are.
  • Your club hires and directly pays off-duty officers as bouncers. A patron is foolish enough to throw a punch and the bouncer loses control. A summons comes in and since you didn’t hire a security service with their own insurance, you’re left exposed.
  • A promoter decides to throw a “party” at your club. You don’t get a certificate of insurance from them and you don’t have a solid hold harmless agreement signed. The promoter’s party attracts a gang element and someone is shot. When the chalk mark of the body is washed away, guess who will get sued for improper protection of patrons?
  • The bass is pounding and the walls are vibrating. A large, heavy disco ball falls from its rigging and seriously injures two people dancing underneath.
  • The best idea is a VIP area. It will pull people who spend and you can establish “bottle” service. Question – who is now controlling how much any singular individual is drinking? How will you defend a liquor liability claim?
  • An amorous patron makes a special new friend. They find a dark stairwell to sneak into. It’s dark, they fall, they’re both injured and …. It’s your fault.
  • You hire dancers, place them in bikinis or skimpy underwear on boxes around the club, paying them with cash from the register at the end of the night. One falls, badly breaks a leg and doesn’t have health insurance. Employee or Independent Contractor? Workers Compensation or Liability?
  • You take credit cards and your patron’s information is hacked. Could this happen? Would you be covered?

As you can see in these actual claim examples there are issues you truly need to be aware of in running any Nightclub or Dance bar. Some of the solutions are preventative measures you can take and others involve transferring the risk to an insurance provider. The Casswood Team has seen it all and are ready to work with your team to match coverage, insurance provider and cost with your needs.

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