Casswood Insurance Agency specializes in serving up risk management and insurance solutions to restaurants of all types. As an independent insurance agency we have the ability and experience to work with many insurance companies and restaurant programs matching their offerings to your budget and needs.

Our clients range from top fine dining restaurants in New York and California to the family-style and casual dining restaurants that we find in every neighborhood in every state of the union. No matter the size or focus of the restaurant each shares similar risks that need to be understood to keep them open and serving the public, providing employment for their staff and a profitable life for the owners.

Whether you own a world renowned gourmet restaurant or a hip, tasty taco truck, you need to consider an insurance plan that will address your world. Issues like:


The Fact That People Can Sue You

Customers can slip on a wet floor or a pot hole in your parking lot

Things can fall into served meals and break teeth

A server might spill hot soup or coffee on a patron

Someone might be allergic to an ingredient in a stew

Nasty microbes can inadvertently grow in your walk-in and make people sick

A customer just might find a dent on their new car that your valet parked

Your best customer honors you by asking that you cater their corporate party
offsite only to find you’re not covered when someone is hurt based upon your policy terms…


The Fact That Your Property Can Be Destroyed or Your Coverage is Inadequate

The food industry is about cooking & cooking requires a fire that sometimes gets out of hand

Cars and delivery trucks can collide into buildings, air conditioning units and expensive signage

Even contained smoke fires will permeate fabric furniture and coat fine wall coverings

A power surge or near lightning strike can burn out computers, registers, compressors and take you down

Extreme heat or cold can destroy fine wine

A flood, tornado or earthquake can wipe out the best of structures

You rented your restaurant space turn-key with a complete kitchen, bar, banquets and walk-in only to find that your landlord is only required to provide you four walls after a fire wipes you out…


The Fact That Humans Can Cause Issues

An employee can become your new and unwanted silent partner in your profits if they have access to a cash register

It’s amazing how steaks can just walk out of your cooler and into the trunks of cars

A high-strung chef might get out of control and throw a pot at a server’s head

An unruly customer might attack another while under the influence of liquor you served

Someone might decide to hold you up on a dark and slow night…


The Fact That We Have New Areas of Business Concern

You take credit cards and your POS system is hacked with customer information taken

One of your staff brings suit against you based upon alleged sexual harassment by another member of the staff or a customer

You fire a member of your team for legitimate performance-based reasons only to be served based upon alleged discrimination issues

You make a mistake in the administration of your employee benefits…


These stories are not unique and the financial loss can be considerable. Anyone can quote a price for insurance but it takes an insurance specialist familiar with the restaurant industry to provide you with the advice you have a right to expect. Give Casswood a call!