Protection No Matter Where You Call Home

Homes come in all shapes and sizes: condominiums, co-ops, century-old landmarks, mid-century modern and newly built structures. Insurance companies are just as varied. We at Casswood understand that all insurance companies are not the same in what they will cover and how they will pay, and we will only work with the best in the business to design a plan within your budget that is committed to restoring your home.

Whether you own or rent, Casswood appreciates that your home is a major investment, both financially and emotionally. If something disastrous should happen, you’d want insurance protection that is broad enough to help you repair or rebuild your home.

Beyond structural damage, imagine the worst. Everything that you cherish is lost. As an independent agent/broker we counsel our clients in properly insuring all of the furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, fine art and other valuables we collect during our life. Our goal is to provide coverage that will respond with a payment that will provide you the funds necessary to replace lost items at today’s cost.

Home loss also opens another concern. Where will you live while your home is being repaired or rebuilt? While a homeowners policy will address this financial problem, every policy is not the same. There are some that will reimburse you a limited amount of money to rent a temporary home and there are others that will provide funds so that you may live in the style you are accustomed to living with no dollar limit. The Casswood team works with you to pick the option that is best for you.

Even though you take precautions, you never can tell when a small action or oversight could send you to court. A slip, trip, fall or tragic accident can happen which would cause you to dig deep into your pockets and future earnings to pay for defense or court-awarded settlements. Nobody expects these things to happen, but that’s precisely what does happen every day. We work with you to establish adequate protection within your homeowners’ policy for the unexpected lawsuit.

10 Questions to Ask When Insuring Your Home:

  1. Will your policy protect your personal property if stolen or damaged when you travel?
  2. Will your policy cover damage due to water backup from sewers, septic systems?
  3. What limitation does you policy have on jewelry, fine art and collections (stamps, coins or guns)?
  4. Does your policy cover small owned boats and RV’s?
  5. Will you policy respond to building code changes?
  6. Is your coverage adequate based on reconstruction cost vs current market value?
  7. Do you have an business on premises and is it covered?
  8. Do you have coverage for damage caused by power failure or electrical surge?
  9. Do you have coverage for outbuildings like detached garages, gazebos or pool houses?
  10. If you are sued is the amount of protection you carry adequate?


Casswood’s experts will help you find the best possible policy for your most greatest and most important investment. Contact us today.