Protecting Those in the Spotlight

Star Pac is new, unique and tailored to the needs of high profile individuals working in an assortment of occupations. A Star Pac package can be designed for: actors, producers, directors, musicians, professional athletes, dancers, writers, singers, speakers, industrialists and almost any individual in the public eye.

Increasing celebrity status customarily denotes increasing personal assets. Unfortunately, it also gives rise to an increased potential for financial loss. Properly managing your client’s assets is a serious business which too often takes a back seat to the demands of your business. Star Pac was designed to assist you with a portfolio of protection for many of your client’s property and liability needs.

Star Pac: Raising a Curtain of Protection 

A Star Pac insurance portfolio is designed specifically for you and your client. Together, we select only the coverage you need to create the appropriate protection based upon your client’s individual needs. The result is a comprehensive portfolio with these key benefits:

  • One Policy Term vs Many
  • Total Coordination of Benefits
  • Protection Against Major Coverage Gaps

Star Pac – A Confidential Message for the Business Manager

Why Consider Star Pac: This program was designed with your needs in mind. An uncovered claim, improper protection or the lapse of a policy may lead to the loss of a valued client relationship. With Star Pac you have the ability to select from a menu of protection consolidating coverage and effective dates to avoid costly errors or omissions.

Star Pac will provide you with a professional partner specifically trained to understand the unique protection needs of your clients including their responsibility to maintain absolute confidentiality and security with the information they possess.

Coverage Highlights 

The Star Pac portfolio can include in one portfolio an extensive list of coverage. Why have ten contracts with various insurance companies when a Star Pac portfolio can do it with just one? Coverage can be designed to include:

  • Homes: High Value, Located Anywhere in The World.
  • Personal Property: From Antiques To Wardrobe
  • Jewelry - Furs - Fine Arts.
  • Autos: Exotic, Sports Cars, Antique
  • Liability: Combined Personal and Business
  • Umbrella Liability: Combined Personal and Business
  • Farms & Vineyards
  • Yachts & Aircraft
  • International Protection
  • Business Offices - Recording Studios & Screening Rooms

We would like an opportunity to show you just what Casswood and Star Pac can do for you!